Dalian is improving the lives of farmers by supporting the introduction of modern agricultural methods and the traditional cultivation of trepang, a type of sea cucumber. Xianrendong, the major source of the city’s water, used to be a low-income area because no industry was allowed in order to protect the environment. Blueberries are now being […]

Calls to shake up the kangaroo meat industry have sparked a fiery debate. Industry figures and Queensland senator Barry O’Sullivan both claim kangaroo numbers are out of control, despite population estimates that may suggest otherwise. “They are in absolute massive plague proportions on all the reports I’ve received,” Senator O’Sullivan said. It’s a sentiment reinforced […]

More than 7,100 dairy cows imported from Chile were shipped to North China’s Tianjin on Wednesday [28 January 2015], making the South American country the fifth to export dairy cows to China after Australia, New Zealand, Uruguay and Romania. The shipment of 30,000 cows was the first to be exported by Chile to China according […]

China’s genetically modified (GM) crop planting areas declined in 2014 amid heated discussions over safety concerns, a study revealed on Wednesday. Chinese farmers grew 3.9 million hectares of GM cotton in 2014, down some 300,000 hectares from the previous year, according to a study done by the International Service for the Acquisition of Agri-biotech Applications […]

Corn imports by China, the world’s second-biggest consumer, jumped in December as shipments from Ukraine surged from the previous month. Total purchases more than doubled from November to 607,323metric tons, of which 393,924 tons were from the eastern European country, according to data released by the General Administration of Customs on Friday [23 January 2015]. […]

China was the country that imported the most agricultural and livestock products from Brazil in 2014, according to figures from the Brazilian Agribusiness Foreign Trade Statistics System (AGROSTAT). In second to fifth place on the list are the United States, the Netherlands, Russia and Germany, and the topl five countries last year imported agricultural and […]

Pesticide residue on fresh vegetables sold in Beijing’s markets is a big problem, according to a survey covering three of China’s biggest cities. And it’s not just one pesticide, but many. About 40 percent of the 53 vegetable samples collected from markets in Beijing and neighboring areas, which supply vegetables to Beijing, contained five or […]

Berry producers from Jalisco and Michoacan are preparing the first shipments of raspberry and blackberry, and according to the sector’s estimates, will be exported to China before the end of January. Technicians from Senasica are performing inspections to verify that the orchards and coolers comply with the Phytosanitary Export Requirements Protocol, stated the Ministry of […]

Greenland Group, China’s largest real estate company, is planning to launch a range of seafood products from the South Korean island province of Jeju through its huge network of retail outlets, which include boutique supermarkets, online shops and hotels. The Shanghai-based State-owned firm signed a deal on Monday [12 January 2015] to initially import around […]

The president of the Association of Banana Exporters of Ecuador, Jorge Alex Serrano, said that Ecuadorian companies seek to become China’s leading banana suppliers, surpassing the Philippines, which is traditionally the largest exporter to this market. “We pursue to expand, establish relationships, do business and grow,” he said to Andes Serrano, member of the business […]

China has banned all imports of US poultry, poultry products and eggs amid recent reports of highly pathogenic strains of avian influenza found in the Pacific Northwest, the US Department of Agriculture said Monday [12 January 2015]. All poultry and poultry related products shipped from the United States after Jan 8 would be returned or […]

The Finnish meat industry is authorized to export pork to China, the country’s Agriculture Ministry confirmed on Friday [16 January 2015]. Atria and HKScan, two Finnish companies, have gained permits to export pork to China, according to local media reports. Finnish Agriculture Minister Petteri Orpo said the meat exports to China may, in the long […]


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