China’s procuratorial agencies investigated 28,894 officials for duty-related crimes in sectors related to agriculture and poverty relief in the past two and a half years. Some 16,385 of them were suspected of bribery, accounting for 56.7 percent of the total investigated from the beginning of 2013 to the end of May [2015], the Supreme People’s […]

Potatoes seem like an unlikely ingredient for ice cream, but the allure of tasting the strange concoction had dozens of visitors lining-up at the China Kitchen exhibition at the 2015 World Potato Congress in Beijing. The 1,000-square-meter stall was serving up to 100 potato-based foods, from noodles to sweet purple drinks, developed by Xisen Potato […]

The U.S. Department of Justice has officially closed an investigation related to bribery charges involving Mead Johnson Nutrition Co, the formula maker’s China subsidiary said Wednesday [29 July 2015], following an agreement reached between the company and U.S. regulators. According to a statement that Mead Johnson Nutrition (China) sent to the Global Times on Wednesday, […]

Danone plans to sell the Dumex infant formula brand to a unit of China Mengniu Dairy Co amid a downturn in demand for locally made baby food in that market. Danone has agreed to sell Dumex to Yashili International Holdings Ltd, and will use the proceeds from the sale to take up more shares in […]

China Huiyuan Juice Group announced the sale of nine subsidiaries after failed efforts to diversify its product lines and reduce its founder’s influence, according to the Beijing-based Legal Weekly. Huiyuan put up the nine units for sale on June 18 [2015] at a price of 1.8 billion yuan (US$291.5 million), which represented a premium of […]

Chinese consumers have been shocked by recent rises in the price of pork, the nation’s favorite meat, with policymakers also concerned about what impact its costliness will have on inflation and the economy. Pork prices surged more than 20 percent between March 20 and July 17 this year, according to data provided by the Ministry […]

Australian Minister of Agriculture Barnaby Joyce has announced a breakthrough in live cattle export trade negotiations with China on Monday [20 July 2015]. Joyce said the Australian and Chinese veterinary authorities were in the process of formalizing agreement on animal health certification requirements, which would allow the industry to begin to prepare the commercial and […]

Foreign fast-food chains in China are joining the digital dining trend as part of the effort to draw more customers and boost slumping sales. McDonald’s, the world’s largest fast-food hamburger chain, is providing Shanghai customers with the opportunity to craft their own burgers with touchscreen kiosks. The “Create Your Taste” campaign was launched by the […]

Fertilizers and pesticides have done so much damage to China’s ecosystem and brought an array of food safety issues that their use is to be capped from 2020. China feeds its huge population with very limited agricultural resources. Annual grain output has grown for 11 straight years, but achievements have come at great cost. The […]

More than 200 tonnes of smuggled frozen meat has been seized by coast guard in south China’s Hainan Province. Forty-nine suspects, six vehicles and a boat were seized at the same time, the provincial coast guard authority said on Tuesday [21 July 2015]. Officers were informed on July 13 that a large amount of smuggled […]

The former head of State-owned Bright Dairy & Food Co Ltd is under investigation for suspected serious disciplinary violations, China’s anti-graft regulator said on Wednesday [22 July 2015], employing its usual euphemism for corruption. The regulator has opened an investigation of Guo Benheng, who left the company in June, the Shanghai branch of the Central […]

Hundreds of thousands of people are short of drinking water in northeast China’s Liaoning Province as it suffers one of its most severe droughts in history. Liaoning has seen high temperatures and dry conditions since the start of July, with rainfall at its lowest since records began in 1951. The provincial flood control and drought […]