Southwest China’s Yunnan Province on Wednesday [1 July 2015] began a container train service carrying coffee beans and other products to Europe. With 2,050 tonnes of coffee on board, the train set off from the provincial capital of Kunming on Wednesday and is scheduled to arrive in Rotterdam in 15 days. Previously, Yunnan’s coffee went […]

Backers of GMO corn are pushing for security certification from Chinese government authorities. If approved, GMO corn could be industrially planted in as little as three years, according to the financial and business website Wang Guoying, a professor at the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, said at a seminar on Wednesday [24 June 2015] […]

China has started to build a joint Chinese-Russian livestock agricultural complex. A hundred thousand cows are planned to be bred in a project costing one billion Yuan [~US$161 million]. The farm is being set up in the Chinese city of Mudanjiang [Heilongjiang province],with production supplied to the Russian market, Zhang Chuntszyao, chairman of the Association […]

The general level of China’s import tariffs will stay steady once the nation’s 15-year World Trade Organization (WTO) transitional period ends, the Ministry of Commerce (MOC) said on Thursday [18 June 2015]. Since China’s WTO entry in 2001, it has taken concrete steps to lower tariffs. By 2010, China’s overall tariff level had dropped to […]

Overview Hong Kong is a major re-exporter of agricultural goods to mainland China due in part to its free port (no import duties) and free trade agreement (CEPA) with the mainland. Hong Kong re-exports a significant share of its fresh fruits (e.g. tropical fruits, grapes, stone fruits, and citrus), luxury goods (e.g. cigarettes, alcohol, and […]

Bright Dairy & Food Co, China’s third-largest milk producer by market value, plans to purchase raw-milk supply operations from its State-owned parent. The company will acquire cattle-breeding and raw-milk businesses under its parent’s Shanghai Dairy Group unit, Pan Jianjun, a spokesman for the group, said on Thursday [18 June 2015]. The deal would help Bright […]

Officials from Argentina’s Agriculture Ministry and China’s State Administration of Grain (SAG) met in Buenos Aires on Tuesday [23 June 2015] to further strengthen bilateral ties, including grain production and commercialization. The meeting’s main focus was to deepen bilateral relations, with a special emphasis on expanding participation in cooperative sectors such as international commercialization of […]

China and Australia signed a free trade agreement on Wednesday [17 June 2015] after a decade of negotiations, covering areas including a simplified review procedure for investments, most-favored-nation status and easier market access to service sector. Under the agreement, 85.4 percent of goods traded between both sides will cut tariffs to zero immediately. About 97 […]

China will conduct its third national agriculture survey in 2016, following surveys in 1997 and 2006.The survey will collect basic information about agriculture, rural areas and farmers. The data will be used by the central authorities to inform decisions, according to a statement released on Monday by the State Council, China’s cabinet…The Global Times: June […]

Trees are something of a rarity in the Tibet autonomous region. Conditions on the high-altitude plateau of the Nagqu Grassland – 4,500 meters above sea level – are not conducive to their growth, except for a few places in eastern Nagqu prefecture. Many of the nomads who inhabit the area had seldom seen a tree […]

China and the Republic of Korea (ROK) signed a free trade agreement (FTA) in Seoul on Monday [1 June 2015], marking another concrete step taken by the two Asian neighbors to consolidate all-round cooperation. Prior to the agreement by Chinese Commerce Minister Gao Hucheng and his ROK counterpart Yoon Sang-jick, more than a dozen rounds […]

About an hour’s drive outside of Changchun, capital of Northeast China’s Jilin Province, stands the Xinghua Grain Depot, a storage facility capable of procuring 80,000 tons of corn a year. The depot is one of many facilities that the State-owned grain storage company China Grain Reserves Corp (Sinograin) uses to stockpile grain for “temporary procurement […]