Entrepreneur returns to hometown in Hubei province from Canada to achieve his farm dream. After years in Canada, nobody expected businessman Huang Yuanchao to return to Tianmen in central China’s Hubei province to start a raspberry empire. Born into a rural family in Tianmen, Huang started work in 1986, after graduation, as an automation engineer at […]

Yonghui Superstores Co Ltd, the Fuzhou-based supermarket chain and one of China’s Fortune 500 companies, has completed the sale of 5.7 billion yuan ($912 million) worth of shares, around 20 percent, to Dairy Farm International Holdings Ltd to fund various expansions including the setting up of an e-commerce platform. It is the second time Yonghui […]

The perils of forecasting the Chinese agricultural market came to the fore earlier this month when the US Department of Agriculture slashed its predictions for Chinese corn imports. Last year, the USDA reckoned China was set to become the largest importer of grain. But mounting evidence of rising inventories and falling demand triggered a rethink […]

The fur trade has slowed over the past year in China, but rising demand from northern parts of the country and smaller cities has been a strong factor in global sales growth and prices this year, according to industry participants. Mark Oaten, chief executive officer of the London-based International Fur Trade Federation, said apart from […]

New Zealand exports to China last month were less than half the value of January 2014, leading a fall in the country’s total goods exports, the government statistics agency announced on Thursday [26 February 2015]. Total exports were down by 9.1 percent year on year to 3.7 billion NZ dollars ($2.79 billion) in January, according […]

China has completed a survey of fishery resources in the middle and southern regions of the South China Sea after two years of research, said a Chinese expert on Monday [23 February 2015]. The survey showed the area around the Nansha Islands has fishery reserves of about 1.8 million tonnes, with about half a million […]

Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny on Saturday welcomed China’s decision to lift its ban on Irish beef imports, saying that the news is highly significant for the Irish beef industry. Describing it as a fantastic breakthrough for the sector, Kenny said it meant Ireland would be the only country of the European Union (EU) to […]

Fresh water, vegetables and fruit are the things PLA navy sailors miss most during escort missions, according to those who’ve served overseas. “We were served a lot of fish and meat at every meal during the mission, but they didn’t taste too good because they’d been stored in a refrigerator for a long time,” said […]

The export of live dairy cows to China has slowed to a trickle due to a drop in global milk prices. Elders Livestock said it was sending a boat a month to China until recently, but now didn’t have an order until June [2015]…Full Article: ABC Rural Feb 2015 Key Point In 2014, Australia exported […]

China is offering more subsidies on farm machinery to maintain food self-sufficiency as the rural workforce shrinks. In 2014 23.6 billion yuan ($3.9 billion) went on farm machinery subsidies, up from 70 million yuan ten years before when the subsidy program began, according to the Ministry of Finance. More than 120 billion yuan has been […]

Thai fresh fruits have secured a quantitative increase in export to China via Laos and Vietnam, exporters said here Tuesday [17 February 2015]. The export of fresh durian, mangosteen and longan from Thailand to China rose substantially last year with trends of further increase in volume throughout this year, said Sanchai Puranachaikiri, president of the […]

Cotton imports slid 44.9 percent year-on-year to 161,200 metric tons in January, highlighting the challenges that domestic textile manufacturers face in a weak world market, said trade experts. He Jingtong, a professor of international trade at Nankai University in Tianjin, said that slack global market conditions have hit China’s labor-intensive industries, especially garment and textile […]