Obolon Corporation, one of the largest producers of beer and soft drinks in Ukraine, is entering the Chinese market. Head of the supervisory board of public joint-stock company Obolon Serhiy Bloschanevych said at the National Export Forum that Ukrainian breweries are trying to compensate their loss of part of the domestic market. He said that […]

China’s consumption of pasteurized milk will grow faster than ultra heat treated liquid milk in coming years as more milk sources become available and due to the development of cold chain logistics, according to a latest study. An increasing number of consumers in economically developed regions will prefer the better flavor and increased health awareness […]

They say money doesn’t grow on trees. But for China’s fungi farmers, especially those in the fertile southwest, money has been growing in the ground. As attitudes toward wild edible mushrooms have evolved along with culinary habits, the families nationwide who plant, harvest and sell them say their lives have been dramatically improved. Yet after […]

Coffee is going to be big part of KFC’s future-and the ambition goes far beyond the stunt of testing an edible coffee cup. Thousands of KFC restaurants in China, where the fried chicken purveyor is already the single largest fastfood chain, will start selling freshly ground coffee this year in a bid to become a […]

Twelve Belarusian companies have been certified to supply dairy products to China, BelTA learned from Belarusian Agriculture and Food Minister Leonid Zayats on 14 April. According to the Minister, Belarus has already sold the first batch of 20 tonnes of milk powder and pasteurized milk with a long shelf life to China… Full Article: Belarusian […]

The inauguration of the Chokué Agri-Industrial Complex, developed with funding from China, opens up new horizons for agricultural production in Gaza province, southern Mozambique, which now has another unit for rice processing and product storage. Launched in the first half of 2013, the factory was officially opened on Monday [13 April 2015] by the President […]

China will increase its agricultural imports from Cambodia to include bananas, mango and soybeans, having already signed a food safety and health protocol for the import of corn last year, according to the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries. Agriculture Minister Ouk Rabun, speaking at an annual review meeting on last Wednesday [8 April 2015], […]

Sub-Saharan African countries have forged strong ties with China in order to acquire technologies and expertise that are crucial to accelerate an agrarian revolution, an African expert has said. Emmanuel Tambi, director of policy and advocacy with the Forum for Agriculture Research in Africa, noted that Sino-Africa cooperation in agriculture has unleashed mutual benefits. “There […]

Massive crop failure was reported in rice fields where strains developed by China’s “father of hybrid rice” Yuan Longping was cultivated, reported Southern Weekly on Thursday [9 April 2015]. Significant crop loss caused by rice blast, a deadly disease affecting cultivated rice, hit more than 10,000 mu (1 hectare equals 15 mu) of rice fields […]

China’s Hangzhou Wahaha Group is interested in cooperation with Belarus, Chairman of the Board and CEO Zong Qinghou said as he met with Belarus’ Deputy Economy Minister Alexander Yaroshenko in Minsk on 10 April, BelTA learned from the press service of the Economy Ministry. The Chinese delegation was provided with the information on possible scientific, […]

The World Trade Organization (WTO) said on Thursday [9 April 2015] that China has notified its Secretariat of a request for consultations with the European Union (EU) over a poultry meat tarrif quota dispute. China said that the measures affect imports of certain poultry meat products from China and are inconsistent with the obligations of […]

China likes its baijiu, which is becoming more popular around the world. A byproduct of that demand is a booming US export market for sorghum. Sorghum exports this year are expected to make up 62 percent of the total amount harvested, the highest proportion since 1975, according to the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) Economic […]